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A few example skins
cesy wrote in ao3_skins
To use these, just paste the relevant code below into the "Custom CSS" box.


.logo {display: none;}
body {background: white;}
#header {background: none white;}
#greeting, #login {background: none black;}
.icon {display: none;}
h2 {font-size: 1em;}
h1 {font-size: 1em;}

Larger greeting:

#greeting, #login-block {font-size: 1em;}


#dashboard ul {float: none; width: auto;}
#dashboard ul li {display: inline; border-right: 1px solid black; border-left: 1px solid black;}
#dashboard a, #dashboard span {display: inline;}
#main.sidebar {margin-left: 1em;}


body {background: black; color: white;}
.navigation a, a:link {color: #666666;}
a, a:link {color: #666666;}

Narrow margins:
(To edit this to a different width, change either "1%" to something different - they add together to give the total gap.)

#chapters {
margin: auto 1% 2.5em;
padding: 0.5em 1% 0;

Font change:
(Just copy and edit this to make it whatever font you want to use.)

{ font-family: "Helvetica" !important; }

Background colour change:
(For common colours, you can just type the name; for in between colours, you can use hex codes, e.g. #ccccff will give a pale blue.)

body {background-color: red;}

Font size change:
(If you want to make it just apply to the stories, not the headings, use "#chapters" instead of "body".)

body {font-size: 150%;}

Spread out works blurb:
(This makes it look slightly more like the old style, for people who didn't like the new style of story details.)

#main ul.tags li.relationships, .blurb ul li.relationships, 
#main ul.tags li.characters, .blurb ul li.characters, 
#main ul.tags li.freeforms, .blurb ul li.freeforms {display: block;}


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